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Tour De Manège

Montréal, Québec

International Beatmaker's Collective since 2013.
Beatmakers: GrandHuit-GooMar-JIM-Ours Samplus -James Cole Pablo-Saligo-Néo-Slivanoë-SmokedBeat-Art Aknid-Vax1-Cerky-Dee La Kream-Mounika.-Samione-Öster-Corpus-Dooze-Zoneraze-Téhu-Linkrust-Rob Steez-Atamone- Sqreeb-Madpressure-Xixool-Spectateur-La Cantina-Riols-Slone-Fruits-Aguirre
Illustrateurs:JO BER-SLY2-POES